I’ll gladly partake if you’ve got your own supply handy. (I also love receiving trees as gifts! But please, no edibles!) If you’d like to smoke some of my stash during our date, please let me know when booking and add +$25 to my donation.

While I would not say that fetish/fantasy is my strongest role (I am more of a typical GFE, Girl-Next-Door type of provider) I do enjoy role-playing very much! I’m very versatile, creative, and comfortable about switching from a dominant to a submissive role. I also cater to many fetishes (with some exceptions) for an additional $100/hr and a 90-minute minimum booking. Please keep in mind that I cannot answer any fetish-specific questions without obtaining screening information first.

If you would like to see me and you cannot provide references from well-known providers, I will probably ask for your employment information. You will need to provide your full (legal) name, a phone number, a work number, as well as your place of employment/title. It is also helpful if you can provide a personal web presence such as LinkedIn or Facebook page. I totally understand your need for discretion and I assure you that all personal information will be kept strictly confidential and discarded once I have verified that you are safe.

Sure! I would mostly enjoy bottles of water, wine or champagne. I am not a very big drinker, so please do not feel obligated to provide any alcoholic beverages. (Although if you’ve got something green and leafy in your nightstand, I’ll gladly partake!)

I have Several tattoos. Majority of them can be hidden.  I have my nose, tongue & belly button pierced. I am a former Suicide Girl. If you're not aware of what that is... https://www.suicidegirls.com/

I provide luxury GFE fantasy engagements. Please do not ask about specific services in your communication with me! If you still have specific questions that aren’t covered in my TER Profile. You will need to complete my screening process before I can answer any questions regarding kink requests.

I am a very private person, anonymity is for my sake as well as yours. My life outside of this profession is full and varied. That said I am told my photos don't do me justice, people are struck by my presence when we do meet.

My dress is classic, yet sexy leaning towards conservative. I will fit in anywhere we go an not draw attention "while at the same time turning heads". After our initial meeting, any requests for attire will be gladly accommodated. Casual attire can be requested - jeans, chucks and a t-shirt sometimes suffice.

If needed, I am more than willing to arrange a comfortable incall in Las Vegas for an additional fee and prior notice. While on tour I always secure a beautiful location for our time together.